SPC Innovations Can Benefit You . . . . .

SPC Innovations specializes in meeting the specific needs of the precision, high production manufacturer with special emphasis on the multi-spindle automatic and transfer machine user. Our experience in selling European multi-spindle automatics for many years has made us increasingly aware of improvements that can be made to existing Acmes, New Britains, Wickmans and many others.

In looking at the various points of the machining process that can be improved for higher machine efficiency, SPC Innovations has concentrated on the following areas where we can make significant contributions to your existing equipment:

Detectors and Controllers for part length, diameters, broken tools

Sensors and Controllers for monitoring processes, machines, and tools

Attachments for adding drilling, milling, and other normally secondary operations to the primary multispindle automatic set up.

Tooling for quicker setups on cross-slides, endworking tools, collets and feed fingers

Tool Presetting with various degrees of presettable holders.

Finished Part Chutes, Diverters, Conveyors and Stands.

Parts for many European multi-spindle automatics.

Complete engineering and assistance for multi-spindle layouts, cams, form tools, attachments and accessories.

Used Gildemeister, Schutte and Index multi-spindle automatics.

Our emphasis is on giving you knowledgeable, personalized service to find the least expensive, highest quality products to meet your production needs. There are many cases where our prices are less than one-half competitors pricing on the identical item!

Our tooling and parts specialists are available by phone or fax to answer your questions.