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In-Process Gauging and Detection Process Monitoring Synchronous Multi-spindle Attachments* Other Multispindle Attachments
Length with Horizontal Bracket General Applications Polygon and Thread Milling Drilling /Tapping from Tool Slide
Length with Vertical Bracket Tool Wear and Broken Tools Rotating Cross Drilling from Tool Slide Cross Drilling/Tapping from Cross Slide
Diameters and Grooves Drilling Frontal Milling/Slotting Shaving
Bores Threading Rotating Groove Milling Recessing
Part Diversion Turning/Boring Thread Chasing Straddle Milling
Broken Tools Milling Eccentric Drilling/Turning Tool Changer
Escomatic Wire Feedout Stamping ID/OD Sync. Broaching Radial Marking
SPC Analysis Sensor Information External Profiles Pick Up Spindle & Backworking

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