We are proud to introduce the

Type 101 Rotary Contact

Mini broken tool detection system

The Type 101 is a mini-probe designed to contact a drill, reamer, or tap when it retracts to its start position. It is particularly suitable for use on small multi-spindle automatics, transfer and CNC machines with quick response during fast indexing and for very small tools.

The Type 101 probe is very compact (1" x 2-1/2") and mounts parallel to the drill being checked. It includes an articulated bracket (similar to an indicator bracket) for mounting at any angle in a crowded tooling area. Three small air lines are required for activation, sensing, and exhaust.

The sweep probe is air operated. An air signal is sent to the probe by a roller valve on the machine camshaft or by an electric servo-valve. If the sweep completes its stroke (in the case of a broken tool), then a pneumatic signal is transmitted to a pressure switch which is used to stop the machine or activate any desired response.

Since the probe has no electrical connection, it is impervious to contamination from chips and coolant. It is truly designed for production machines. 







Detector France type 101
Mini broken tool detection system





Type 101 Detector, electric pressure gage, adjustable

universal mounting brackets, spring for reversing

rotation direction, spare feeler wire.

PRICE: Call for current prices.


DELIVERY: Stock, subject to prior sale.

TERMS: Net 30 days, subject to credit approval.

WARRANTY: Defective Parts & Labor for 3 YEARS.

User can return in 30 days for full credit if unsatisfied for any reason (must be in like new condition).

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